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At BarLogic, we believe knowledge is power. We also believe there isn’t one simple answer for how to get a booming business. That’s where we come in. BarLogic is a one-stop shop dedicated to making your establishment the most successful it can be with inventory management, quality standard service, and staff training.

Every business model is unique, which is why our team, and our tools, cater to your individual needs. We take pride building meaningful relationships with our clients, and we put in the work to earn your trust. To put it simply, our business is making your business reach greater heights.

Let the Geeks do the thinking for you

Our Brains are backed by over 15 years of experience in the service industry.


BarBack Because every penny counts.

Our BarBack Liquor Inventory Control System accounts for all the products your business uses with precision. We are the only ones in the city with the unique software to calculate your liquor, beer, and wine loss down to 1/1000th of an ounce and control single item inventory (including cigarette, sodas, and more) with a 99.8% accuracy rating. If you can sell it, we can count it — and once we have, you’ll receive a detailed report with the information you need to reduce inventory loss and increase your profit margin. This is all connected with bar and restaurant consulting.

BarSquared it's all in the details.

Our BarSquared Quality Standard Service offers unmatched insight for improving your customer experience. Rather than using a random “secret shopper,” we bring a knowledgeable service industry professional with five or more years of experience to evaluate your establishment. Afterwards, you’ll get a thorough report, completely customized to your business, about everything from the food and drinks to the staff. Did your bartender up sell on a premium spirit for the cocktail? Was your appetizer at the right temperature? It's all in the report.

BarTraining Know your business, inside and out.

Our BarTraining helps your staff get up to speed on your day-to-day operations so your business can become a finely oiled machine. Our team of experts will provide hands-on training on learning and developing the menu, making the drinks, pricing your items in line with standard industry margins, and more. When your staff knows the ins and outs of your establishment, your business is programmed for success.

Helping Bars across Austin & the surrounding areas

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